Meet the Troop!

The #TermiteTroop is just one squad of the Legion of Pests.

The Legion is a sneaky, cunning group of creepy crawlies and rodents itching to find a way into your home. They'll eat your food, ruin your furniture, and even bite or sting you!

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Meet Our Hero!

He is the man who knows what to look for — he'll track down termites and even the score.





Class: Aviator

Enjoys: Female company

Dislikes: Overcrowded places - suffers agoraphobia

Personality: A narcissist!

Class: Soldier

Enjoys: Guard duty

Dislikes: Ants - they are his nemesis!

Personality: Thinks he's Rambo!

Class: Miner

Enjoys: Darkness & digging

Dislikes: Laziness

Personality: A slave-driver!

Class: Worker

Enjoys: Rock music

Dislikes: Sunlight & dry air

Personality: A serial complainer!

Do I have termites?

You could have termites for years before you spot a problem! They may be sneaky but even termites leave clues behind. Learn to spot the early signs of termites to help prevent damage to your home.

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Termite Tales

Termite Tales

Meet Our Hero!

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How Can I Stop Termites?

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The Stinger Squad

Ruining your summer one BBQ at a time

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Flying Off

Its spring time for the Termite Troop - Troy is getting ready to find the perfect mate

A Smelly Underworld

The Termite Troop are renovating their nest to make room for some new arrivals

Discovering a Feast

The Termite Troop are hungry & on the lookout for some food... Could it be your home?

Leaving Clues

The Termite Troop are smart... but not as smart as a Ehrlich technician!

Looking for Signs

A routine inspection discovers some signs of termite damage.

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